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When life hit you harder, what will you do?

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I have travel a lot from twelve. During travel (it does not travel like going out of Malaysia, having a nice trip or food…it’s more like a journey…) I always keep my mouth silent, my ears, my eyes, my mind and my soul open. Why???

Because by doing that you can observe life. I only talk when I want and need to talk. That makes people thing I’m arrogant and mean. I do friendly…only with the stranger that I know I never meet them again or after you know me at least one year. Or it can be short if you and I have the same ‘chemistry’.

From my observation and experience, I always remind myself that I will never do like this or like that to other people if something bad happens to me. I will never let it happen in future. I will not! That my promise.

I’m an ambivert. Do you know how ambivert person acts? If you don’t really know you can search them on Google. There a lot of information about ambivert. Some called it trouble identities, messy life because living in the middle of extro and intro and some just surprise with them. They do have a lot of surprises. You can’t read them.

Maybe you and I can be on the same bearing and distance but different coordinates. Or at least we all do have friends or member in this type. So, don’t let them ruined themselves. Why? Because ambivert sometimes can act like a master and in other time they also act like a loser.

Ambivert fact

So when life keeps hit me harder, I will keep it as my momentum. I will put myself in those shoes. Maybe they have a reason by hitting me or maybe they can’t see people like me remaining silent. Because maybe silent killing them. Who knows?

Besides, I will read inspiration books, watch a war movie, listen to my favourite song and keep busying myself from remember those things. For sure, I jot it down in my journal. If that doesn’t work, I will write it on a paper full of emotional and burn it before flushing in the toilet. Fuh!!!

What the stories behind this rant? A lot! I don’t want to share about the stories but I want you to remind yourself that be patient if life hit you harder. It is a life academic. You will remember what life will teach you than you learn in the classes. So let life doing the job. Then, you and I just keep living on. Don’t take it hard because a wise person will ignore.

Yes, I will ignore them. Keep breathing…be positive…

Live your life, love your life

p/s:  Diam diam ubi, berisi, Bising bising tin, kosong…

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