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5 Tips to writing a research paper in college

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To graduate from college, you need to write a research paper related to your topic of study. Unfortunately, most students find it hard to come up with a good quality research paper that can help them graduate with good grades. In case you are in this category of students, here are 5 tips to writing a research paper in college.

1. Find a good topic

Most students find it hard to write a research paper because they choose topics that are not researchable.  To write a good research paper, ensure that you get a topic that is researchable. Such a topic should neither be too broad, or too narrow that it becomes difficult to gather information. If you have a problem getting a good topic, work with your course professor, and have them guide you in choosing a suitable topic for your research paper.

2. Start with a clear and easy to understand thesis statement

Most students find it hard to write a good research paper because they don’t have a defining idea, guiding them in the research. This makes it difficult to maintain a coherent thought process throughout the paper. To write a good quality and easy to understand research paper, start with a clear and concise thesis statement that underlines the ideas that you are pursuing in your research. This not only makes writing easy, but also makes it clearer to the reader, in this case, your college professor.

3. Make use of credible sources

The worst mistake you can make when writing a college research paper is to use online sources. Such sources lack credibility, which means that they invalidate whatever points you have in your research paper. To write a credible research paper, make use of books and peer reviewed journals. When using books, try and avoid books that are too old, those whose ideas might have been lost significance with time. Most college professors prefer books that are less than 8 years old for research papers, but the best sources are peer reviewed journal articles.

4. Don’t copy paste without referencing

When writing a research paper, always remember that it not an opinion paper. Any ideas you quote must be referenced properly. When referencing, make sure that you use one of the accepted referencing styles. The most common ones are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.  If you fail to reference your research paper, it will be considered plagiarized. This is dangerous and can lead you to get disqualified from college. College professors can easily detect this by using plagiarism testing software like Turnitin.

5. Seek help from a writing service

In case you are completely unable to write the paper, you can always seek help from a writing services company. There are some good companies out there that can help you write a top quality paper. One of the best companies that can help you out in writing a good research paper is writing elites. Visit their website and send an enquiry with the words, write my research paper for me, and you will get a quick response on the pricing and other details of the order.

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