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Cross training shoes are vital parts for the effective performance of many exercise activities especially those that put strain on your legs. Without the use of training shoes, sprains and dislocations and other related injuries would be very frequent so they are designed to deliver protection and comfort at its best.

Do you have an old pair of trainers you want to change or you need a new one? we are here to provide you a list of the best possible options you have which makes a list of 13 shoes which can be used for climbing, running lifting weights and many more making sure you get a pair that can handle even your toughest work outs.

This list is made by putting into consideration factors like durability, design, support, comfort and buyers feedback by product experts at

1. Nike Metcon 4 xd:

This is the latest version of Nike trainers and it comes with insane features, with its synthetic 3d printing, it provides the best support and comfort under and around the feet, it has fly wire cables in the lacing system which gives it a firm hold and sticky rubber at the fore foot and outsole to give you better grip on the ground which makes them ideal for running.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Power Lift 3.1:

This version of Adidas trainers shoes comes with a rubber insole which gives comfort, and also helps with grip, posture and balance on the floor and the rubber insole id detachable so it can easily be removed if it isn’t comfortable for you. It also has an extra wide design and cross over strap to provide additional support.

3. Reebok Cross Fit Nano 8.0:

This is the latest training shoe of the Nano series; this 8.0 version adds a new flex weave tech to the shoes upper to give better mobility during the toughest work outs. They also have a redesigned heel which ensures comfort and stability.

4. Aleader Men’s Mesh Running Shoes:

This amazing pair of ingenuity provides a double mesh upper layer of breathable lining which allows for good breathing, it is very light weight with a cushioned insole and a rubber sole for shock absorption and extra traction. It is designed to give the walking on a cloud feeling to the whole body.

5. Asics Conviction X2:

As a brand well known in the exercise world it released a new model, X2 which has amazing qualities such as a rubber insole and a flat heel for comfort and shock absorber, with a speva midsole which gives an amazing bounce back it also has an excess lace pocket so that you don’t trip during exercise finally, it is designed to be 50% more durable than any other ASICS shoe.

6. Nike Free X Metcon 2:

This is a favorite cross fit ware everywhere, it has an elegant design, it has been improved to be more flexible and feather light. It is the ideal footwear for running. Its lacing ensures a good grip on your feet and is rubber so it’s just tight enough; its elevated heel allows for easy running and absorbs shock.

7. Inov-8 F-Lite 195:

It gives comfort and all the support you will need regardless of if you use it to climb a knotted rope or train with a kettled bell. Its sole focus is comfort and it goes as far as having an EVA foam midsole for cushion and comfort, it also has a rope tec, burn protecting reinforcements and an F-Lite grip outsole which would make sure your feet feel just fine during cross fit sessions.

8. Addidas Alpha Bounce Trainer:

These shoes are very eye catching with its amazing design but it isn’t beauty without brains, their soles are designed for explosive athletes, for weight lifting and running. It is equipped with a soft padded inner sole for comfort, an outer sole designed for spring and grip, then its mesh layering for good and flexible support while allowing the feet breathe.

9. Nike Metcon 2:

This is an upgraded version of Metcon 1, it is designed in a way that you eat your cake and still have it, it is designed to support a wide variety of workouts from running to climbing to heavy lifting. It is designed with a rubber sole, with a flat heel and forefoot grooves for good traction, stability and also shock absorption. It also has a wired mesh for good breathing and fly wire cables.

10. Nike Metcon 1:

Weight was a serious factor when designing this shoe, it is extremely light weight and very durable. It has a rubber sole for good shock absorption and grip, a drop in midsole which makes it very flexible making it very comfortable to wear and can be used universally.

11. New Balance Mx 40v1:

These shoes are designed to be the bridge between barefoot training and super cushioned runners, they have padding’s at their forefoot which help traction, then a vibram sole for comfort and grip with a design to handle whatever workout you throw at it.

12. Under Amor Tri-Base Reign:

This is a low profile shoe that is designed to function at its best in the box. It has a lock down mechanism that ensures the leg is held in place and a grippy sole to ensure you remain standing.

13. Lane Eight AD 1:

These shoes weren’t designed for in the box action but they function amazingly in many other places. They are designed with a utilitarian view and an eye to high and classy fashion and a very comfortable interior.


When picking out a shoe to use for cross fit training, we advise that you pick one that favors the activities you want to indulge in. Although there are great universal one, there are also particular one that would be amazing for climbing and running that won’t be so great for maybe weight lifting or in box activities which is why this list has been created to give you better understanding.

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