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What does Raya mean to you?

While watching Income Creation Intensive on Facebook live, I write this post. Just some random journal about Raya 1442H.

I was grateful that I can celebrate Raya in my hometown. A simple Raya with my parents, my sister and my brother. Is not big, but just enough. After almost 8 months I’ve been away from my place here in Shah Alam, it feels nothing much different from before.

The noise, the attitude of occupancy in this building, is all the same. They still taking easy about wearing a mask. *sigh*

I try to write in English for now. I need to improve them. It quite a while since I have time to write a proper English paragraph, short stories in English…

What does Raya mean to me?

A simple celebration day with the whole family gathering in the same space. The laugh, the chatter, the noise and everything… even though I used to be a grinch of Raya, it doesn’t mean I hate them. It just that I had the darkest Raya moment back in 2010.

Nah, I will not rant about that. It’s already passed.

The future is now.

That’s all for me. It doesn’t occur much because I still have language blocking in my head, and I hope I can make it fluently right after a lot of practice.

Till then!




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